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Roy is a Life-Business Coach with 30 years of experience managing and developing businesses for success.


Art of Success Coaching helps empower business owners to strengthen their commitment to their Vision. Since all businesses start with a Vision and a Strategic Plan, the challenge we face is the implementing and communicating our Plan. An often-quoted Fortune magazine study from 1999 found that 70 percent of CEO failures came, not as a result of poor strategy, but the inability to execute that strategy and communicate it.


Roy helps business owners balance their lives, helping them change the way their see themselves, their business and its potential


Art of Success Program

Art of Success helps business owners balance their personal and business lives. We work with business owners on implementing their business strategy and learning how to manage their business for results.

One-to-One Coaching

Professional one-to-one coaching helps business owners identify their challenges, face and accept them, and learn how to overcome them. Achieving the desired results and expectations normally takes times.

Business Consulting

Art of Success helps business owners and their leadership teams grow their business. We work with you to plan your business strategy and:

  1. How to implement your strategy
  2. How to track your results
  3. How to manage your business for results
  4. How to financially manage your business for success

A Spiritual Approach to Success

The major weakness of most men is that they recognize the obstacles they must surmount without recognizing the spiritual power at their command by which those obstacles may be removed at will. Napoleon Hill

For most of us, we feel that spirituality does not fit into a business philosophy or strategy. Spirituality means living with faith. This type of faith is not a religion but rather practicing trust and openness to what you don’t yet know and perhaps letting go of what you are firmly attached to.

Art of Success helps you explore this path to Success.