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Art of Success supports you as you grow and develop your business.

Our Mission …
Support You as You Grow & Develop Your Business

Before you can think of tackling the future, you must be able to dispose of the challenges of today in less time and with greater impact and permanence. For this you need a systematic approach to your performance today … (Peter Drucker)

Art of Success supports you as you grow and develop your business. We ask questions to help you determine your needs, brainstorm where appropriate, develop tools so you can choose the best solutions, and work with you as you implement your plan of action.
We support you as you grow a distinctive company culture, form effective teams, and define, or refine your own Vision, Mission, and Purpose


We empower you to build a viable (healthy) business.

Patrick Lencioni, in his book The Advantage, describes a healthy business as one that has “minimal politics and confusion, high degree of morale and productivity, and very low turnover among good employees.”


So you can create peace of mind and generate wealth for you and your communities.

Wealth is not always about the money. Consider the amount and quality of your time and relationships in and outside your business.
Communities could include your business, family, town or city, and any other organizations that you believe in.



Through providing advisory and financial services

While clean, accurate financial statements are the lifeblood of any organization, all the activities of your organization support and are supported by that lifeblood. Discover new ways to look at your business and how to grow in a healthy way.



As a CEO of a fast growing company, I needed a better way of accurately budgeting and of analyzing my employees performances. I contacted Gugliotta Accounting. Susan came to the office and helped me set up my QuickBooks so as to better control the company’s bottom line. Her professional design helped me to accurately show an employee’s actual cost per acquisition and whether the employee was contributing to the company’s profitability. Also, her development of a workbook within QuickBooks helped to accurately predict our NET profit and therefore, gave us needed insight. We began to reduce our cost of goods, etc. We have increased our net from 6% to an average of 20% for the first quarter of 2017. Susan was a delight to work with and I highly recommend her to any company looking for a way to grow their profits as well as to learn better ways to increase the bottom line.

Ken Kelly

CEO, WSI Smart Marketing

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